10 Reasons why you should attend BonFest

10 Reasons why you should attend BonFest

BONFEST seeks to showcase variety of seafood delicacies that can be made with the use of FISH, our highly nutritious seafood.{ 10 Reasons why you should attend BonFest }

Bonfest is a platform, stage that seeks to showcase bonny Island awesome taste in Food most especially sea foods, (Fish, Proms and others) also putting some of Bonny Island’s tallented individual in the limelight to showcase their tallent   

10 Reasons why you should attend BonFest

1. We’ve got 100% Security Guaranteed. We have both Security Agencies and Community Security.

2. We would have take home buses to take people from Venue to Finima, Venue to Town and Venue Through Hospital road at the end of the event.

3. We have Kids Playground.

4. We have Car Parking Space for those who are driving.

5. We are not selling tickets at the gate to be able to control crowd and security.

6. We would have First Aid personnel on ground should incase of emergency.

7. We would have HSE Officers on ground to take us through Health and Safety standard induction because Safety First and Zero means Zero.

8. We are having free WiFi to help attendees upload their fun moments during the event.

9. There would be live performances from Agbara Dancers, Eremina-ogbo. We also have Live Band and Live Karaoke to keep the crowd entertained amongst other things.

10. We have lots of games for both Adults and Kids.

Kindly get your tickets to the most peaceful, secured, fun, food packed and entertaining event on the Island.{ 10 Reasons why you should attend BonFest }