RiAdolf Ransom Pepple: Nothing could be more disconcerting than the disclosure by Bonny Utility Company ( BUC) that the incessant power outages in Bonny Island is cause by the nefarious activities of some elements who contrive to vandalize electricity facilities in Bonny Island especially earth cables. BEFORE THEY VANDALIZE OUR EXISTENCE


A statement issued by BUC stated that, as a result of the vandalism the integrity of the electricity system in Bonny Island has compromised  and degraded to the extent that light goes off immediately there is a little flash of lightening.

Before now, one could count on the tip of one’s fingers how many power outages Bonny used to record in one full year, ¬†before any power outage, residents of the affected area’s are dully inform so they would take precautionary measures to avert any damage.

There is no iota of doubt that steady electricity and regular supply of potable water are two factors that single Bonny out as one of the most comfortable places to reside in or do business in this country. This is by the efforts of the traditional leadership under the watch of our beloved King, and the magnanimity of Joint Industry Companies (JIC) led by the Nigeria LNG Limited.

Right now the power outages have become too frequent that one begins to wonder if Bonny has secretly been add to the national grid, The pride of Bonny Kingdom is beginning to wane before our very eyes, This electricity that we all brag about is being mindlessly and downgraded by hoodlums.

It is opprobrious that some dubious individuals amongst us have decided to collaborate with other criminal elements outside to take their nefarious activities to a very dangerous dimension by vandalizing earth cables, thereby vitiating the effectiveness and resistance of the electricity facilities.

Curiously, it beats one’s imagination as to why it took BUC so long to disclose this unfortunate development. However, now that we have known the source of our problem, do we wait so long like BUC did before we take measures to avert further damage? The answer is a resounding NO!


Therefore, I call on every responsible indigene and resident of Bonny Kingdom to rise up and take responsibility of fishing out these criminals amongst us who have decided to make life and livelihood difficult for us. We must keep watch over the facilities within our environment. It is not enough to sit in our homes and blame BUC. It is our vicarious responsibility to fight these common criminals.

Therefore, all the scavengers in Bonny should be under close watch; those who come in to buy unknown goods and items should be monitored, especially while moving out of the island.

All exit points should be effectively,  Security agencies in Bonny should intensify their activities, especially at all the departure points, all bag should be search

If we must end this rubbish, we should do everything within our powers to make criminal activities in Bonny unattractive.
The time to act is now.
I rest my case!
Adolf Ransom Pepple, an accredited journalist, is a stakeholder in the Bonny project as well as the Publicity Secretary of Bonny Kingdom Ogbobiri Asawo.

This article was written by Ibani Nation Newspaper



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