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AS HIS MAJESTY PLEASES: Reminding Politicians of His Majesty’s Directive on Bonny Brand of Politics,

this article was written on February-22-2023 by Victor Fubara Bàñîz


In 2019, after the cancellation of presidential election in Bonny and the negative publicity it gave this blessed,

peaceful Kingdom, His Majesty had gathered representatives of the two major political parties, APC and PDP,

at the Palace, before the Gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections.
At the meeting, His Majesty expressed disappointment that we were deviating from Bonny brand of politics, which is politics of friendliness, politics devoid of bitterness and rancour.

He said it was regrettable that Bonny Kingdom was placed on national and international spotlight for the wrong reasons, adding that he was disturbed by a litany of calls he received across the globe as a result of that unhealthy political development. He was worried that, that unhealthy development could vitiate our core values, discourage potential investors from coming to Bonny as well as affect the commencement of much expected Train-7 project of NLNG. His Majesty finally warned politicians that he would never tolerate such malfeasance in his kingdom ever again.
Chiefs and political leaders across the two parties also spoke. The political leaders apologized to His Majesty and assured him that such misconduct would never occur again.

After that, nine representatives from each party signed an undertaking on

behalf of their parties to maintain the peace in Bonny Kingdom.
Recently, during the visit of PDP Campaign contingent, led by Gov. Nyesom Wike, to the Perekule Palace,

His Majesty, King Edward Asimini William Dappa Pepple III, Edward I, Perekule XI, Amanyanabo and Natural Ruler of Bonny Kingdom, reiterated his call on politicians and their supporters to maintain the Bonny brand of politics.


He said: “I want to remind our politicians that we are one people; we are brothers and sisters. We have our unique way of playing politics. After everything, we shall still meet at Ikubanongo to wine and dine together. We are special and distinct people. must bear this in mind in whatever we do. it most be in a peculiar way. We must sustain that spirit.”

Elections are here again. I want to advise that even as we campaign in this last minutes heading to the elections, we must avoid comments that could overheat the polity. The political stratosphere is already charged; therefore, we must not ignite it by making incendiary and combustible comments. We must also avoid taking political issues personally. Let us base our campaigns on issues.
Again, on election day, let us not make it a do or die affair. ALL  should go to our respective polling units and exercise our franchise in a very orderly and peaceful manner. We should avoid behaving or acting in ways that would attract negative attention to Bonny.
We should not forget that we have federal government presence here in Bonny, and the government will not hesitate to flood everywhere with military and security forces in case of any break down of law and order.

As Bonny people, we are among the wisest people in Nigeria. Let us not carry out the instructions of any political leader and make ourselves uncomfortable while the person is enjoying peace and freedom in their own country home.
One obvious fact is that, no matter how these elections go, we will always meet at Ikuba Square to dance, gyrate, eat, drink and converse together.
Think Bonny Kingdom first before any other consideration.
God bless the King!
Long Live King Edward I
Same Long Live Perekule Dynasty
Long Live Bonny Kingdom.
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Bonny Kingdom Collective.

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