Tribute to believe

ACCORDING TO BIBLE THE BOOK OF ECCLESIASTES 3:2, Says…. A time to born and a time to die.
BELIEVE passed through alot of pains, from one sickness to another’s. And i was trying my best everything possible as her date for her to be alive Hmm, but death took her away without good bye.

To me BELIEVE was like my adream and my future wife.
Now that she departed, I have no reason to Question God Because he knows the best. To pay her the last respect and not to forget her memories. I decided to team up with some Art’s in the environment to do this tribute song. Featuring the likes of IMENESTY, TONY BLACK, DALANE, FAKE PROPHET, ND BLISS, HAVE MERCY AND DE CONSTANT ROCK. (M&M: MIXMESSIAH)😭😭 #Life

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