Akara woman who was arrested at the junction

The Akara woman who was arrested at the junction has been a hot topic since yesterday.

The moment you go to anyone’s shop to buy something, they immediately ask you.

“You don hear the story of that Akara woman?”
If you say yes or no.
The person will ask.
“You don chop her Akara before?”
So far no one wants to agree they have eaten the Akara. Because no one wants people to start saying they ate menses.
Well, this was the same thing that happened today as I visited a man to buy super glue from his shop.
This man went straight to the point.
He asked me if I had ever bought Akara from that woman. I asked him which woman. He described the junction.
I told him no.
And also told him I was aware of the story already so he wouldn’t start repeating the same old story to me.
I asked him if he had eaten her Akara.
He was very open and free
He heaved a sigh and said to me.
“My brother, I no go lie you, I buy am o. I dey chop her Akara well well. Na her be the best for here na. Her Akara sweet well well.”
I wanted to laugh.
But this was no laughing issue.

Then he said to me.

“I feel cheated. I have fallen victim twice.”
I asked him how.
He told me he once gave a beggar money in 2002. He had given money to this beggar in the market. After giving the money, he had a double feeling about it. He felt like going back to pick up his money, but he refused. He walked a distance and stopped again. He didn’t trust the beggar. His conscience did not let him. But he just forced himself to walk away.
Throughout that day he felt an urge to pray. He said he has been giving out money, but he had never felt fear like the one he gave out that day.
He prayed that night and slept.
Three days later, he woke up from sleep and noticed his manhood was shrinking backward. Manhood that was strong and firm just yesterday.
His mind immediately told him something was wrong somewhere. He quickly began to trace the beggar in the market. He got to the location and asked for the beggar.
They told him the beggar had not come out. Luckily he was linked to someone who knew who the beggar was and they took him to the house.
It was a mansion.

A big one.

Very beautiful.
The owner of the house stepped out and this man discovered it was the same beggar who owned the house.
It was at that moment he discovered he was not a beggar but was deceiving people to beg for money.
When he complained about his shrinking manhood, the man appeared surprised and asked him if he looked like someone who would use his manhood.
There was no proof.
There was no witness.
No testimonies from others.
Even if he decided to take up the case, he had no money to pursue it.
But this young man knew his problem had come from the beggar.
Years went by and every month he watched his Manhood shrink and turn from being strong, huge, and firm, to being a dangling pipe.
I told him I did not believe his story.
Without shame, he pulled off his trousers.
Right in front of me.

I saw it.

What seemed to be a thread.
Dangling between his legs.
He said the only work he uses it to do is to urinate. And that he has not made love with any woman for 21 years now.
I asked him if I could take pictures of it and write this story with.
He refused.
Then Jokingly, he asked me to pay 20k before taking pictures. According to him, I will make money if I post the stories
I thanked him for sharing his story and left with a promise that I would not reveal his identity to anyone.
The world is filled with mysteries. While you go about your daily hustle, carry God with you. Pray at all times and bless everything you give out.
So that which you’ve given out will not be the reason you suffer for the rest of your life.

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