Be careful who you hurt

So I have been friends with this lady I met online for over six months. We lived in the same state, but we never for once met. By the seventh month, we became close, Be careful who you hurt

How did it even happen?

She came to my inbox to pour her heart out to me. She told me about this guy whom she was dating, and how he broke her heart and ended their relationship.

lady was very heartbroken.

I was there for her as a friend and wanted to convince her that not all guys are the same. I tried to prove to her that true love exists.
As I was doing the comforter work, she was building emotions for me. Yes, I liked her but wasn’t ready yet to be in a relationship. But she was with me.
By the eighth month, we decided to meet. She wanted me to come to her family house first before she came to visit me.
I planned for it and I went over to see her at her father’s house. It was an old mud house situated in a big compound.
As we were about to enter the house, my eyes went to the tall tree at the center of the compound. I saw lots of nails that were nailed into the tree.
I drew the attention of my friend and said to her.
“You people can play with nails o. I know this is your handwork.”

She shook her head and said to me.

“No. That is my father’s handwork. Not mine.”
“How do you mean? You mean your father decided to hit nails into the tree?”
She laughed, Be careful who you hurt
“Praises that is a sacred tree. Each of those nails you see on the tree represents a person who has offended my dad or me in one way or the other. Some people also come with complaints about people who they want to bring down. My father summons the spirit of such a person into the nail and nails it to the tree. Anything he says happens as he says it.”
Then she walked to the tree and pointed to one of the nails.
“See, my last boyfriend. He broke my heart and thought he would go free. He is nailed to the tree?”
“To die?”
“Never. That will be a quick and painless punishment. As long as this nail is in the tree, he will never have a child. Unless I forgive him. That is if I remember the exact nail that was used for him.”

I looked at the tree.

Some of the nails were rusted.
Some had stayed for several years.
That tree had souls nailed to it.
I turned to her.
My legs trembling.
“Is your father a native doctor?”
She nodded.
“Yes. He is a Dibia. I am telling you this because you are my friend. And I know you keep secrets. I don’t tell anyone about the tree or my father’s business.”
This lady is very pretty.
With everything a man would ever need in a woman.
One will pick her up thinking it is fun as usual, only to discover that after he had hurt and left her, thinking he has cheated her, his life changed from good to bad.
Better to worse.
He is alive, but spiritually, he is caged.
Be careful who you hurt. Not everyone you mess with is ordinary.

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