compound stories

Usually, I don’t tell compound stories until it is Saturday.
But this one is urgent.

I can’t just hold it.

So this compound that I just moved into. I have not even finished moving into the compound seff. But by this week I should be settled in fully, compound stories
I dropped my slippers in front of my house last night. I came out this morning and saw this neighbor wearing the slippers and dragging it on the floor with his big leg.
 was surprised so I confronted him.
“Neighbor, you are wearing my slippers o.”

He smiled.

“Yes o. Shey you are my new neighbor for compound na. My slippers cut so I borrowed your own. I go return am later. Make I baff first.”
I refused to say anything, compound stories
I just nodded and entered inside the house.
That was how he used my slippers to have his bath in his bathroom.
So I came out now to see his cover shoes outside as I was about to go to the market.
The shoe is well polished.
I will carry it and wear also as my own has spoilt.
After all, what are neighbors for?
He doesn’t know I can do this neighbor thing very well.
My name is Praises Chidera Obiora and I am the best at what I do.

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