House to move into

For two months now I have been searching for a house to move into. I once posted about my frustration with agents and how they would deceive me and take me around Jos just to get their agency fee even though they knew I wouldn’t like the house.

I turned down so many houses I was shown.

The good house with every facility I want in a room will be far. The bad ones I do not like will be very close.
At a point, I gave up and decided to renew my rent if it expired, while I kept searching. house to move into
Monday morning, an agent I contacted one month ago, who promised to call back ended up calling.
I told him it’s been one month now. He told me yes. But it was because he didn’t hear of any house. He told me his friend told him about one and he was going to send me the friend’s number.

He did.

I refused to call the friend.
I was tired abeg and I was sick too.
Friday, the agent called again to ask if I had called. I told him I had not called because I was not too strong.
But I will.
I decided to give it a shot and called since he said the house was close by and I didn’t need to pay since it was his friend.
called and the next day I went to see the house. I forced myself to walk to the house. house to move into
When I got there I was shown the room.
The moment I stepped into the room, I felt a strong presence. The atmosphere was charged. I felt peace within me.
I walked into the bedroom and the charged atmosphere became tense. Same as the kitchen. My weak legs somehow received strength. I felt strong. It was strange and I knew there was something in that house, but I couldn’t tell.
I closed my eyes to listen. I was trying to know what was happening and why I was feeling what I felt.
At that moment the landlord told me he was going to tile the house and after that, I could make payment if I liked it.

I told him no.

I will pay.
It was the peace in the room that drew me. The sudden healing. I felt the room liked me, even though I didn’t.
Today I went to check the room to see if the tiler had begun work as the landlord promised.
While we were talking with the tiler, he said to me.
“Oga, if you move into this house now, you don’t need to pray. The woman who was in this room was a prayer warrior. She prayed in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. She stayed in this house for five years.”
It was at that moment I knew why I felt the peace I felt. At that moment I knew where my sudden healing came from. And why I felt that presence.
She prayed until her room was charged with God’s presence.
She left.
But God didn’t.
Now I live there.

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