The police stormed an Akara joint

So the police stormed an Akara joint at an area I do pass every morning to pick up a popular Akara seller.

I won’t be mentioning the address depending on when the investigation is completed as I do not want to tarnish anyone’s business without substantial proof.

Since I moved into the area last year, I have been wanting to buy from her. But the crowd I see there has kept me away. People say her Akara is the best and very sweet.

When you pass there between 7am-11am you will find a lot of people gathered and sitting. No matter how long it takes, no matter the time, people are ready to wait.

But not me abeg.

I just patronize other sellers who sell either at my junction or the junction before.

By afternoon, when I return, I find the place empty. I will see her or her girls either washing her pan or sweeping. The police stormed an Akara joint

One day a fellow I met told me that the woman is an inspiration to many other women there. But she is cruel because she doesn’t want other Akara sellers to shine or sell close to her.

Through selling Akara, she built a house. Through selling Akara she owns a big boutique in Terminus here in Jos. Through selling Akara she has two keke which she gives out on hire and gets returns daily. The police stormed an Akara joint

I asked this fellow.

“This business should give her more money than Akara. She should retire and rest. Why is she still selling in the sun?”

He said he doesn’t know.

I asked him why he said she was cruel and didn’t allow others to shine.

He pointed to the Junction.

“Praises, can’t you see she is the only one there? Anyone who comes to sell Akara. Even if it is the junction opposite hers, she will invite the police, pay them good money and they will send that person away. And if she can’t use the police, she uses the boys in the area and it works 99.9% of the time.”

I nodded in agreement.

Today she was picked up by the police. I passed and saw the crowd. I stopped to ask questions and this man I met told me the police found 15 used pads tied in a nylon bag and kept in her kitchen after receiving information that she uses her menses to prepare Akara daily.

Then another woman who was standing close to me told another person that the police picked charms too.

I heard the news and I shouted.

I kept imagining I had ever eaten her Akara. I would have had sleepless nights. While the police were dragging her into the van, some boys were fighting for her to be left alone. While some were asking for her to be burnt alive.

The world is competitive. A lot of people do anything these days to make money. The economy is biting. The love for financial wealth has made humans desperate.

We can’t control what we eat. We do not know how they are made.

But we have just one prayer.

What we do not know will not affect us or our lives. This is why we should pray at all times before we take anything into our mouths.

My name is Praises Chidera Obiora and I am the best at what I do.

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