I never had a personal interaction or meeting with him, neither have l seen him facially. His good works and how he restored serenity and live to Khana Local Government Area and extension of the olive branch of peace to other Ogoni LGAs made an indelible mark all true Ogonis can not forget.
He was transferred to Bori Area Command at a time when Indigens and strangers alike were fleeing Bori and Khana LGA to safe heavens where they could at least rest their heads.
Then, terror and criminality were on the rampage; morning, day and night within the Ogoni Traditional Headquarter’s terrain.

Business establishments and people’s source of livelihood got collapsed and shattered.

At some point, people all over Rivers State declared Ogoni axis a no go area. We were mocked within Port-Harcourt metropolis. People never saw it to be security issues but rather an Ogoni thing(culture and tradition).
Then came the man when the Ogonis could exchange their endowed liquid black gold for peace. His transfer to Khana was timely and his achievements where amazing enormous; he delivered beyond expectations. Gangs and criminal hideouts were fished and destroyed, that raised the morale of security personnels and their sister agencies around.
The criminals could no longer breath because the game choked them.
The precious and needed peace was restored not just in Khana LGA but all Ogoni nearby LGAs, Gokana and Tai especially. Everyone, natives, strangers, Political, Traditional and Religious leaders were all happy.
What money, the leaders and even the State Government attempts failed severally to achieve have been achieved by the hard work of one man.
He gave Ogoni Nation hope and assurance of returning, settling, doing and investing in their God given land again.
He brought joy back to our people; the worth of peace is priceless, even gold and other precious rubies could not be exchanged for it value.
Ogonis as loving people reciprocated his magnanimity, selfless service and deligence. Above all, we learnt he was not corrupt thus the secret of his hard earn successes.

He was celebrated home and away.

Songs were sang in his name, Village and Community heads gave him Chieftaincy titles and other honorary awards.
Wonderful D.P.O was then seen as an household name and an Ogoni brother. He was so loved in our land that the Police Authorities should have delay his transfer a little more days for the Hero to enjoy his good works.
I can vividly recall our family’s encounter with him. How my dad was petitioned maliciously at the Bori Area Command, got invitation; the DPO handled the matter amicably with the greatest manner of civility.
Few weeks back, l had a phone conversation with an Etche friend schooling in the Prestigious Kenule Besor Saro Wiwa Polytechnic, Bori. She told me how hasty was to return home that evening from her outing, l quizzed her what the matter was and she responded they have transferred the “only man that gave us peace in Bori” that everywhere was shaky somehow. I had mixed feelings, pondered on the sudden replacement of a man that have achieved so much within a short period of time.

I quickly understand the Authorities would want him to replicate his capacity else where.

Like Politicians always say “the reward for good work is more work”.
Then the sad news came yesterday on the Social media; at first l thought it was a mere rumour but more facts kept poping in till this morning when l watched the video of his gruesome murder on a popular Facebook page.
That Sp Bako Angbashim was transferred to Ahoada division, in Rivers State and got killed on official duty. What a sorrowful end for a great man.
The Ogonis, Rivers State and the #Nigeria Police Force have lost a gallant man.
What a sad news! May the soul of Sp Bako Angbashim(a.k.a the Wonderful D.P.O.) rest in peace!!

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