Few years ago when I went to my village for Christmas

Few years ago when I went to my village for Christmas.

On the 25th of December masquerade normally parades in our village.

And at that time, masqúarades normally chase women and sometimes fløg them if they don’t run fast.

And a woman was not suppose to stand outside boldly to watch the masquerade parading, unless the are inside the house, the car or in a crowded environment where men also stay

A woman was not even allowed to give the masquerade money, unless a man was there to bail out her by giving the money.

It was like a form of tradition.

So that day I was riding my bike in the kind of lonely road, it was a village and almost everybody has gone to the village square to watch masquerades.

It was Christmas already.

I saw this group of beautiful girls coming to the main road, apparently they were also going to watch the masquerade, but the decided to go late, as per big girls.

From the look of things, they came from the city for the Christmas celebration.

As they where coming, that was how this masquarde from no where came out from the bush, the bush had an already traced road, they might be going to an elders house to greet the elder…

When the masquerade saw ladies, that was how he started chasing them.

I had to stop my bike, when I noticed the masquerade chasing them, even though I had in mind earlier to stop the bike when i reached them.

They ran and came to me. They hide at my back.

After all the vibration of the masquerade.

I told him to calm down.

He had already raised his wipe.

I calmed him down and gave him N500.

The masquerade, vibrated and vibrated. Then he continued his journey to where he was going to.

After he had left. The ladies thanked me.

I called one of them, which I liked, because even before the masquerade incident, I already made up my mind to talk to her.

I asked for her name. she told me.

Then I told her, that since she was already going to the village square with her Friends I wouldn’t want to waste her. If she should please help me with her number so that we could catch up later.

This girl looked at me and Gave me the insult of my life; in front of her friends.

Is it because of ordinary N500 I helped her pay? she dont know what is wrong with all this village boys. They will have ordinary okada and then think they can stop any girl they want. she shouted at me.

She removed N500 from her purse and gave me; which I collected.

She used me shine in front of her friends.

I felt really ashamed.

It felt like a plan work.

She left with her friends and as they left I heard them laughing.

That was one of the moment in my life that I knew that sonme girls, their words could kill a soul.

Because of Number oooo. this girl insulted me.

Shebi if she doesn’t want to give out her number. she would just say No.

But as karma would have It, as they were reaching the main road, another masquerade was coming from the main road into that Same street, and in that our street, before you see a house, you will walk inside inside as at then.

immediately the girls saw that masquerade coming, again they started running to my direction.

What God can not do does not exist.

As I saw them running to my direction, that was how I started my bike and went away.

How they settled with the masquerade is a story for them to tell.

Title: The Chase.

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