I got into the car today on my way to Abuja

So I got into the car today on my way to Abuja.
This father who escorted his two daughters to the bus stop, flagged down our car as it approached.

He negotiated with the driver

Told him his children were schooling in Abuja and that they were going back to school.
He paid the transport and walked to the window to give words of advice and say a short prayer for them.
Just as the driver drove off, the older daughter pulled out her phone and called Jaminu. She told him she had left the park.(I got into the car today on my way to Abuja)
She asked him where he was.
He responded.
She said she was coming.
She told the driver to stop that she was going back and that she had forgotten something at home.
The driver was surprised.

He pulled over

Gave the two girls who were about 14 and 16 years old their transport fair and we drove off.
Their father would be driving home thinking his daughters were going to school.
Meanwhile, they are going to see Jaminu and may spend a week there before school.
The devil is constantly in search of little minds to take advantage of.  can’t stop your female children from living their lives. You will not always be there with them. You can only do your best and pray for God to protect them at all times.

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