So these ladies have changed tactics now

So these ladies have changed tactics now.
I was standing at the junction when a lady I did not know came and stood beside me. She told me she loved my shirt. I turned to her and smiled. I told her thank you and also complemented her hair.
Then she asked me where I was going. I told her I was going to Gada Biu. She said she was stopping at Plateau Hospital.
She was the one who stopped the bus. I entered the back first, while she followed behind after talking with the conductor outside.
Inside the bus, she kept showing me blouses that she wanted to buy, (So these ladies have changed tactics now)

Hei God.

In my mind, I was asking what concerns me with her blouses. If you want to buy blouse, buy na.
Because I was looking at her phone screen, there was this shoulder-to-shoulder contact. So the thing was now looking as if she was my girlfriend.
If I talk, she will laugh and tap my lap.
I was enjoying it.
Very jovial woman.
We got to plateau hospital and the bus came down.
She alighted and looked at me.
“Okay na. Praises we would meet.”
I waved her.
The conductor entered the bus and was looking at me with one eye. I started wondering when and where we would meet. How we would meet? The time and place.
It was blouse matter we discussed and how fuel has added money and small small gossip about women. I didn’t even collect numbers.
Sha focused o.
I got to Gada Biu and came down.
I gave the conductor my transport. He looked at it. Just as I was about to go, he called me back.
“Oga e no complete. E remain your girlfriend “
“Girlfriend. Which one?”
“The one wey una enter the bus together. She talk say na you go pay.”

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