I attended a wedding with a very close friend of mine

So in 2015, I attended a wedding with a very close friend of mine. At that wedding, his eyes kept going round. Of course, he was looking for a fine lady to approach. One that meets his taste and the qualities he desires in a woman. He kept tapping me and showing me a few women whom he saw but none caught my attention.

Then he saw one.

She was very beautiful. Tall and classy. He didn’t tap me this time. didn’t tell me to see the fine lady. just stood up and I asked him where he was going. He didn’t respond.
I kept my eyes on him and watched carefully as he walked to this lady and sat in the empty chair beside her. This was how my friend abandoned our table to sit beside another woman.
At the end of the wedding, I asked him who the lady was and if he recognized her anywhere.

He said no.

I asked her name and he told me she didn’t tell him. asked him f he collected her number to talk with her and he shook his head.
“I only gave her mine bro, She said she would be the one to call me.”
My friend said she was playing tough but he hopes she calls.
This strange lady call didn’t call that night as he had expected. She didn’t even call the next day or three days later. She called my friend after three months. When she introduced herself, my friend jumped up. He was very excited.
That evening he called my line to tell me that the lady he met at the wedding had called him and told him to meet her at his house.
He said she asked for him to meet her at his house. This was around 9pm that evening, I believed he was a man and could take care of his own decisions so I only asked him to share the address with me on Google map,

so I would know when he reached.

That evening I called his line and it was switched off. I checked the map and indeed he had arrived. called the next morning and his line was still off. waited till in the evening and called the line again.
After waiting for three days without seeing or hearing from him, I became worried. I got a phone tracker and planned to follow the map on my phone until I got to his location.
That evening, I heard a knock on my door. It was the neighbors. They told me my friend was outside on the floor. I went out and found him lying lifeless. He was abandoned naked on the street.
But he was still alive.
After being rushed to the hospital, I asked him what happened and till this very day, he can’t remember.
He only remembers being with the lady we met at the wedding. But can’t remember anything else about her or their meeting.
I do not know what they took from him.
What was given to him?
Or what he was used for.
All I can say is that in your dealings with humans whether strangers or friends be careful. The enemy is out there. Using your greatest temptations to get to you and destroy you.
Watch and Pray!

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