So this night, I had my fair share of Police brutality and harassment.

I was on my way to my lodge when the Police attached to Bori Area Command stationed on Zaakpon Road mainly at Night stopped me and searched me.

They didn’t see any incriminating thing in my hand, it was just my iPhone, one other small Itel phone and the Suya I went out to buy.
This Police man upon sighting the iPhone ordered his colleague to take me to their Van so I can open the iPhone for them to search inside.(MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE NIGERIA POLICE AT ZAAKPON ROAD)

On our way, the Man asked me to open my iPhone, I told him that’s my privacy so I can’t open my iPhone for him. He took me to their van and asked me how many rights do I have as a human and I told him so many.

The next thing the Police man slapped me and forced me to enter their Van, I asked them why and he handcuffed me and was saying I am proving stubborn. Because of the idleness of Zaakpon Road, I told them to take me to the station, they refused.

Inside their Van, I brought out my small Itel Phone to make calls, he hurriedly snatched it and told me that the people I want to call, they too know.

So I asked him

what was my crime because I only came out to buy food, he said I will soon find out. I then told them I am from Tai and a Government personnel, that this harassment and brutality is just not good for the Country. Upon hearing that,

their superior officer who was acting reluctant now came to interrogate me and when he heard me talk, he said he served in Kpite before and that he will bring my phones and I should go. When I was leaving, I made calls telling someone my experience this night. Little did I know that one was following me to my gate, he met me at the entrance to my lodge and asked who was I reporting the matter to, I told him how was that his business, He said his colleagues told him that they did what they did because of the way I talked.

Now, I have to bring this experience to Facebook so people will know that the Police on Zaakpon road at Night are harassing students and innocent people who ignorantly don’t know their right.

Had it been I opened my iPhone for them, they would have gone straight to my bank App and the next thing will be how to move money from my account at Gunpoint.

The Nigeria Police Force should call the Bori Area Command especially those on Night duty that is stationed at Zaakpon Road to order because with what I saw this night, I now understand what vulnerable people go through in the hand of Police because we refused to open our phones for them.

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