I saw Real Warri’s picture and her sudden transformation

So I saw Real Warri’s picture and her sudden transformation, from a plus size to being slender.
All her curves are gone.
Boobs reduced.
Nyansh flattened.
And I began to imagine it was my wife who traveled to spend a month with her family members and returned that way.
I will arrest the family members until they fix my wife to her previous size.
If it was a gym that did that, I would close down the gym. Arrest the gym instructor, and his wife and lock them up.(I saw Real Warri’s picture and her sudden transformation)
Ah ah!
What is that?
With the way I love plus-size women.
Me that love to sit down and watch my wife’s buttocks dance wotoporipusly while she moves around the house, will suddenly have nothing to look at again because one gym instructor decided to help me transform my wife into his dream woman.
I want to believe she sought her husband’s permission to make this weight loss journey and he supported her through it all.
As for me.
I will not support anything.
The day my wife loses weight and all her physical material vanishes, I will find a way to reduce my Manhood from a cassava to a crayon.
Let us all suffer the impact like that.
Your Body gone, my penkene too will be gone.
Let us just be loving ourselves like that.
My name is Praises Chidera Obiora and I am the best at what I do.

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