Torn Between Love and the Supernatural: Karen’s Cry for Help

As I rose from the cushion I had been seated on, my heart simmered with anger, fueled by Karen’s words that had just pierced my soul.[Torn Between Love and the Supernatural: Karen’s Cry for Help]

A Confrontation Unveiled

“Sabazios never blames you?” I retorted, my voice dripping with frustration. “Karen, you sit there and compare me to a malevolent spirit. Have you even considered what this spirit has wrought in your life? Have you looked at the destructive path it’s led you down? Head to the kitchen, Karen, and ponder over the consequences of your association with this vengeful entity.”

Karen’s head hung low in response to my words.

A Parting Decision

“Since you seem to prefer living with him,” I declared, “I’ll respect your choice.” Without another word, I turned and strode towards the bedroom, a sense of disillusionment trailing my every step.

“Praises, where are you going?” Karen called out, her voice tinged with desperation.

“I’m going home,” I replied, my resolve unwavering. “I had a home before you invited me here, only to be thrust into a situation with a spirit I knew nothing about.”[Torn Between Love and the Supernatural: Karen’s Cry for Help]

A Plea for Understanding

She hurriedly followed me to the bedroom, reaching out to hold my hands just as I was about to remove my towel.

“Praises,” she pleaded, “I know I spoke foolishly. I’m truly sorry. I can’t fathom what came over me. This is precisely why I kept this a secret. I wanted to shield myself from judgment and accusations. Please, don’t go.”

The Revelations Unveiled

With a heavy sigh, I asked her, “How did you find yourself in this predicament?”

Karen began to recount her story, a tale of despair and longing. “At a time when I was constantly consumed by tears, I began to find solace in my dreams. Those fleeting moments of slumber offered me happiness and respite. But as soon as I awoke, I was plunged back into sorrow and anguish, realizing that everything had been a mere dream. One day, I mustered the courage to ask him a question.”

“What did you ask?” I inquired.

“I asked if he could be with me in the physical realm, outside the confines of my dreams,” Karen revealed. “I longed to see him when I awoke. He initially resisted, telling me I wouldn’t like him outside the realm of dreams. But I was already in love with him. I was determined to be with him in the tangible world, not just in the realm of dreams. Eventually, he agreed, and one fateful day, I opened my eyes to find him here.”

A Regrettable Acceptance

I couldn’t help but ask, “What did you do when he appeared in reality? Did you not try to send him away?”

“I did,” Karen replied, “but it was too late. Once he had entered my life, I found it nearly impossible to reject him or cast him aside. When he visited me in my dreams, I struggled to push him away. And when he manifested physically, I despised his presence. I wished he had never come into my life, especially when he began to sleep with me.”

A Shocking Admission

“Sleep with you?” I exclaimed, taken aback. “In your dreams as a man and in reality as a scorpion?”

Karen nodded, her voice trembling as she admitted, “Both, Praises, both.”

I couldn’t conceal my astonishment. “You mean you allowed him to engage in an intimate relationship with you both in the physical world and in the realm of dreams?”

Karen confided, “I had no control over it. All these experiences occurred during my sleep. I would wake up to discover myself drenched and weakened. When I was awake, I had no authority over my own body. I would feel a foreign hand caressing me, my most intimate areas, my breasts, and soon, I would become overwhelmed by pleasure.”

A Painful Silence

My disbelief transformed into anger as I reproached her, “And you kept this to yourself, Karen?”

Karen’s voice quivered as she defended her actions. “No man had ever satisfied me the way Sabazios did. Praises, he was the best, both in my dreams and in reality.”

My frustration peaked as I exclaimed, “Karen, something isn’t right. You’re losing your sanity. You’re not in your right mind. You’re utterly exasperating.”

“I’m sorry,” Karen whispered, her tears betraying her distress. “I’m only being honest with you. Imagine encountering a woman who fulfills your every sexual desire. Would you ever leave her or seek another?”

“Wait,” I countered, “are you saying that because Sabazios satisfied your desires, you decided to shun love entirely? You isolated yourself from every man and chose to coexist with a spirit in your home?”

Karen admitted somberly, “As bitter as it sounds, Praises, this spirit became my best companion. He healed the wounds of my broken heart. But I’ve grown weary. I sense that something is amiss. That’s why I reached out to you. Praises, I need your help.”

An Uncertain Path Forward

I was baffled by her plea. “My help? How can I assist you?”

To Be Continued…

In a world where love, desire, and the supernatural intersect, the fate of Karen and Praises is far from certain. The lines between reality and dreams blur, and the challenges they face become increasingly complex. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this enigmatic journey.

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