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Welcome to Bonnyxpressmusic

Bonnyxpressmusic is your source of latest New’s, Sport, Music and Entertainment, we bring you current gist all over the world and from Nigeria, River State Bonny Island especially, we try our best to make sure all gist and news is up to date, and coming from a reliable source, our mission, our goal, our target is to bring to your table accurate and legitimate information, we work with reliable staff, and they operate round the clock (24/7) to keep you update and feed you with all you need to know in and outside Bonny Island, we are your number one (1) source of current update. click here to visit our faceboook page

Founder of Bonnyxpressmusic

Bonnyxpressmsuic was founded by the CEO Christian Saturday in the year 2001, Bonnyxpressmusic came from BONNYXPRESS, the brand BONNYXPRESS is the top brand that have the branches such like


Those were the breaches that was suppose to come out of the brand BONNYXPRESS but dull to the love of music by the CEO he decided to come out with BONNYXPRESSMUSIC first and chose to put other’s alone like the NEW’S so we are open to any partnership to support and achieve our dream.

Award winner

Bonnyxpressmusic won the best blog of the year 2021 By Bonny entertainment award (BEA) for our best effort of publishing of quality article, carrying of great new’s and promoting of bonny music and artist in and outside Bonny Island, the presentation and award ceremony was hold at Atlantic Royal Suit Bonny, were the CEO of the brand were presented with the award and he promise to keep up the good work by promoting all content in the Island and mostly the music aspect, that he will do his best for to take Bonny music beyond all expectation

Teams of encouragement

we encourage all user’s on this platform to keep on visiting the site and sending there feed back, we are open to welcome all advice and partnership, we will work with your opinion and together we will make a great them.