Brief History of Grand Bonny Kingdom

Brief History of Grand Bonny Kingdom

A Brief History of Grand Bonny Kingdom Historical Society formation


By Hon. Sir. H. T. Igoni (KSQ) JP (Current Chairman)

The Bonny Historical Society was formed on the 25th day of July 2005 by impeccable Bonny men of substance and dignity whose character have been tested, adjudged and accepted to be eminent professionals of present day Bonny History.

The society got its name from among numerous names that were suggested in the search of a suitable name; Bonny Historical Society being one of such names was chosen and that became its founding name.


In the words of Professor Alagoa (Emeritus Professor of History) and I quote the people who can write the history of a place are the owners of the place unquote.

Before the emergence of this society, there have been other scholars of History, who in their own way and style wrote books on the history of Bonny, notably among them were Adadonye Fombo (of blessed memory) Dr. Haggreve, Kenneth Dike and Emeritus Prof. Alagoa (A Prof. of History University of Port Harcourt).

We highly commend their efforts because they were able to package something when there was nothing on paper about Bonny Country in spite of its strategic position in world history.

Based On the Above, We Established a United and Resourceful Body For The Following Reasons:

  1. To promote Bonny History that will serve as repository in Bonny historical records and archival materials.
  2. To right the wrongs by scholars of Bonny History (both present and past)
  3. To direct the mind set of future generations on Bonny History.
  4. To search into the history of Grand Bonny in accordance with the age long Culture and traditions.
  5. To update and correct where necessary the existing historical works and Records on Grand Bonny History.
  6. To serve as a reference point in the history of Grand Bonny.
  7. To strive towards the establishment of museum in Grand Bonny.
  8. To affiliate with the Nigerian historical society and the national museum and monuments under the umbrella and supportive bodies and institutions worldwide.
  9. To encourage and support historical works done by members of the society
  10. To educate members of our society and the public about the history of Grand Bonny.
  11. To seek for patronage from recognized persons and institutions for the achievement of our set objectives.


In the 1st quarter of 2006, the executives and board of trustees availed themselves to the Perekule Palace of Bonny Kingdom to introduce the society to the Amanyanabo-in-council for recognition. In a well attended meeting of the council of chiefs with the king himself in attendance, the recognition was warmly accorded and followed by the Royal blessings performed by His Majesty himself.
It was on the same day His Majesty King Edward Asimini William Dappa Pepple CON charged the society to go ahead and write a contemporary history of present day realities thereby correcting the mistakes of former writers of Bonny History.


After formation, the society as new as it was went into action, revealing, revoking, exploring and exploiting so many forgotten, known and unknown culture and tradition of the people thereby enlightening them on the need to revive and sustain our cultural heritage.
According to item 11 of the society aims and objectives, we went into the market communicating, consulting and discussing with resourceful persons and recognized institutions for patronage. By the Divine command, we fell into the undaunted hands of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited who hitherto has been sole prime mover and indefatigable sponsor of all our activities.

Mobil being a dependable ally in business partnership, our financial status became formidable and this gave us the strength to start-off on a sound footing.
Our 1st outing was in December 2006 during the 1st anniversary celebration of His Majesty’s coronation King Edward Asimini William Dappa Pepple, CON where the society took active participation that added color and dignity to the event.


In 2007, the society affiliated with Nigerian Historical Society Abuja. The inauguration was performed by Prof. Alagoa (Uniport) Prof. Tasie (Uni Jos) and Prof. Ebi Derefaka (UNN). As hospitable as the Amanyanabo-in-council used to be, after the Affiliation, the Professors were lavishly received and entertained by the Bonny Chiefs Council at Perekule Palace. His Majesty’s joy exceeded its bounds, so he rolled out his royal blessings on the visiting Professors and officers of the society the 2nd time under 1 year.
Thereafter they paid a courtesy call to the Executive chairman and chief security office of Bonny Local Government Council, Hon. Barr. Edward Ebenezer Pepple, to brief him of their visit. The outstanding performance of the society attracted Bonny Local Government Council; so in 2008 it consulted for partnership operations. Even though the partnership was stressful but lasted for 6 years (2008- 2013) now the society is solely and wholly on its own.


To consolidate the Society’s corporate existence therefore; in February 2011, the society was registered with Cooperate Affairs Commission Abuja and the name changed to Bonny Kingdom Historical Society. Also in 2011 our 1st maiden edition of Bonny History book was published and is still in circulation.

Sadly enough to mention that at about 1700 hrs of 12th February 2014, Our pioneer Chairman Amaopusenibo Spurgeon Green joined his ancestors at the age of 100 years. May his soul rest in the bosom of the Lord – Amen.