Can anybody share their fat-to-fit journey?

Can anybody share their fat-to-fit journey?

Can anybody share their fat-to-fit journey?

This is one of the most awaited post for me to write. No I don’t want to show off my Transformation , I know how helpful it can be to people who are finding it hard to work on their body.

I wanted to write about Fat to Fit Journey from last two months but I kept postponing it. No idea why.

It’s going to a long post but I promise it’s going to be worth

Let’s go back where it all started.

I was born as skinny child except my head (It was too big for a baby). Also I was a quiet & well behaved baby who rarely troubled anyone. Also I was not very fond of eating.

I started gaining weight when I stopped playing outside & chose to sit at home watching TV. Also I started eating more too (Homemade food though). I was around 8 years old back then.

Soon people around me started noticing this sudden change in my body. I noticed that change too but I was okay with it until the struggle of being fat kid started.

Well , if you’re someone who’s fat or used to be then you know how hard it is to survive for a fat person. It was pretty hard for me. Like seriously so hard.

I used to get trolled in school a lot of times. My classmates used to make fun of my body. They trolled me . I was called by funny names.

Most insulting part was getting teased by kids younger than me. My cousin & his friends almost 6-7 years younger than me used to tease me. It was the most embarrassing thing ever happened with me. Sometimes even strangers made jokes on my body.

Another embarrassing thing for me was visiting relatives. Though I have always loved visiting relatives , I was always ready to get comments on my weight every-time .

“Omg! You’ve gained so much weight!”

Can you sit on the floor? No, just take this chair.” (They thought I would find hard to sit on the floor)

I was always offered more food because everyone thought I ate too much. To be honest, I was never a over-eater. Lack of physical activity & laziness cost me so much of fat. That’s it. So reason behind my fatness was not food.

I made a decision to loose weight at any cost. To do that I tried a lot of things.

  • Yoga – My mom used to do Yoga everyday so she suggested me that it will help me losing weight. I learnt Yoga from her & used to do it every morning (I was around 10 years old then). It did help but not much.
  • Cycling – I got to know about one of my childhood friend who lost weight by riding bicycle. I started riding my bicycle more & more. Every evening I would ride it until I am all wet with my sweat. Again not any rewarding result.
  • Change In Diet – If you’re a Fat Indian you know first advice you’ll get is stop eating rice. So I stopped eating it. Though it’s actually true ,we must lower carb intake while losing weight. Still because of improper diet , this didn’t work out too.

In 2012 ,I lost 6Kg in a month. No it was not result of activities mentioned above. Actually I was at summer coaching classes for 10th Boards. I stayed their for One & half month , in short it was like a hostel.

The reason behind losing those 6 Kgs was not eating much. I hated food there so I never ate much whole month. Also I got high fever during that period & was hospitalised for a week.

I gained twice I’ve lost before when I came back home.