Clash between BonnyMusicHype and Hapikid De Celebangel

Clash between BonnyMusicHype and Hapikid De Celebangel

It was a serious one between BonnyMusicHype and Hapikid De Celebangel when MusicHype uploaded De Celebangel photo of him and his family and putting in some write up that many feels is an insult to De Celeangel personality, but wait could this be an insult?( Clash between BonnyMusicHype and Hapiked De Celebangel )

BonnyMusicHype wrote on the post as below

After seeing this post from our super star Hapikid Da Celebangel me i think he should just face his family and leave this music of a thing its not his calling.
#wepromote #bonnytotheworld

Clash between BonnyMusicHype and Hapiked De Celebangel

And here was the respond from Hapikid De Celebangel 

i give you 2Hours to delete that post.
Else i will get u #ARRESTED  

Clash between BonnyMusicHype and Hapiked De Celebangel

And it was trending all over social media, with lot’s of comments, many feel it’s was an insult to De Celebangel personality, many said MusicHpye is not suppose to bring out De Celebangel family related issues on social media, 

just like they commented below 

Kiki Dera Blaqzz said -he shouldnt meddle in pples family life.
Its his family na, family and career is different.

He can really be sued for that rubbish post becux the post can influence the mindset of pple around 

Andrew P Tolofari side- my brother if na another blog way pick that gist u go get am arrested? For me is nothing hapikid na SupaStar na make him gist come out.him need to bounce back to prove dem wrong he can. Also do music and take care of he’s family

Henry Tammy Allison siad- My Brother No Hard Feelings, Buh.. We Have To Correct Certain Things

I Was Expecting The Post To Be An Encouragement Rather Than Telling Him To Quit Music And Focus His Family As If The Young Man Is Not Capable Of Putting His Family And His Carrier Together.. Quite Unfair You Know.

In The Law It’s Called Character Defamation. Please We All Should Be Careful.

No Hard Feelings Please

VDj Brown said- People must not encourage or render praises on you before you make it in life. This post is suppose to elevate his spirit or music career..
Do you know disappointment is also an encouragement? Do you know people inspire people indirectly?
Telling him to quit is like telling him to give us more good tune..
Now that people are talking about him, he should visit the studio and give us new hit. It will promote his career…

Mush comment as it’s in the screenshot below