The Johnson television program

The Johnson television program

The Johnson is a Nigeria tv program show on African magic showcase, The Johnson television program it’s an interesting program and it’s full of comedy, The Johnson television program it’s been show on tv every week’s day’s, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday meanwhile on Sunday it was usually repeat from 10pm to 12am but currently now is been show from 12am to 2am,

what is the Johnson TV program all about

The Johnson tv program is all about a foamily living in Lagos, building up their life living in peace and harmony, we all know living a life in Lagos is not a easy one but the Johnson family tv program show how a family try to live a simply life in Lagos,

The Johnson family tv program also pass lot of message to all family outside there, how to build a home, how to correct wrongs in the family and how to handle the children wen misbehaving

The head of the family and also the head of the tv show (The Johnson) which is Charles Inojie  popularly know as Mr lucky Johnson is one of the most interesting character in the tv show (The Johnson) he play a major role in the tv program (The Johnson) with the subheading below we will be talking about majority character in the tv show (The Johnson)

List of character in the Johnson program

  1. Charles Inojie:¬† popularly know as Mr Lucky Johnson is the head of the family in the tv show, he is the commanding officer inf the family, he has a way of not ready to spend money, he is know as a scientist and he has a way of discipline, he is usually call ”LUCKY LOLO” by his wife Emu
  2. Late Ada Ameh: popularly know as Mrs Emu Johnson is the wife to Charles Inojie (Mr Lucky Johnson) she is the real first lady of the family, when ever she is around the house is lively and everybody sit up, she is from warri so she often use warri languages, Late Ada Ameh die in the night on Sunday 17 of July, for Warri, Delta state, and was bury on the 26 of august
  3. Chinedu Ikedieze: popularly known as Efetobore Johnson is the kind of the family he is the first son the eldest son in the family, he is a doctor and the most brilliant one in the family (The Johnson Family) he usually educate the family with his brilliant ideas
  4. Olumide Oworu: popularly known as Tari Johnson is the second son of the family (The Johnson Family) he is also know as the fine boy with the swag, he is a tailor and also a musician
  5. Samuel Ajibola: popularly know as Spiff is the son of pablo Mr lucky Johnson adopted him, he was a major character in the show (The Johnson Family) he appear stupid and have a very big love for food, and always partner with Abulu, he however find out that Ada Ameh (Mrs Emu Johson)
  6. Susan Pwajok popularly know as Blessing Johnson, is the last born of the family (The Johnson Family), she is know for getting whatever she want, as the last born

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