Orosikiri community in Bonny Island

orosikiri is one of the perfect place to live if you are in bonny island, bonny island is made up of different community and major house, in this article you can find a related post about Bonny major houses, here is a link to Major house in Bonny Island

Where is Orosikiri community

Orosikiri community is located in Bonny Island, if you are new coming to Bonny island once you board a boat from Bonny water at port Harcourt you will arrive at beach at Bonny Island, all you have to do is take a taxi, bus or bike tell them you will drop at Orosikiri, they will take you through mission road where you will pass town community, sandfill community, iwoma community and saint stephen cathedral then you will get to orosikiri, which is directly opposite agayan community adjacent iwoma community, orosikiri have three diferrent part know as Mill 1, Mill 2, Mill 3 and the major entrance is Mill 2 through ibimina-iyo nursery and primary school

Why is Orosikiri a perfect place

Orosikiri community is a lively and happening please, the community is made up of different tribes, such as igbo, hausa, yoruba, calabar, ogoni, Kalabari, Ikwerre, Ibani, Okrika etc
Orosikiri community is also occupied and made up of the two major house in Bonny Island which is Benstwo major house and Banigo major house,

the community Orosikiri also have happening place like Lamor beach and Love garden, these places are almost the best happening place on the island, every day there is always music and fun happening there, and most especially on Sunday days this two place carry over 1000 population of people all over bonny island.

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Orosikiri is also very well known a one of the top community the supply the highest quantity and quality fish to the island, orosikiri have the highest number of fisherman on the island, you can buy fish at a very cheap rate there, many people buy in wholesale price to save more money or get more profit

market women supply the highest rate of food stuff there because they find it easy to buy
and sale their product there, you can have all type of food stuff you want,
for garri ogoni people are there for plantain ogoni and calaber people are there,
for anything farm product they get you cover.

Oroskiri youth movement (OYM)

Orosikiri youth movement (OYM) have been the best youth movement in the
history of bonny island, the youth have always been well coordinated
when ever it comes to activities they are always actives,
they work together unit as a brother,
they always take their sanitation serious and make sure they keep the community clean

OYM have always known to also be a stubborn set of youth in Bonny island for always
standing for their right, and they never accept defeat or intimidation,
they always stand together strong and always their brother keeper

They always organize their street party every 21 of December which is one of the best
party ever in bonny island, they have a lot of talented Artie’s, musician, comedian etc.

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