A volunteer group in Bonny Kingdom, called Bonny collective held a daycation tagged “Bonny Historical Experience” with a call on the people of Bonny Kingdom, most especially the youths, to align with the developmental vision of his majesty the king Edward Asimini William Dappa Pepple, which aimed is to sustain the economy BONNY kingdom after the area of oil and gas, BONNY COLLECTIVE HOLDS DAYCATION


The Leader of the group, Adolf Ransom Pepple, while explaining the purpose of the excursion, said it has come to his notice that many youth in Bonny Kingdom are being fed with the wrong narrative about Bonny kingdom, especially now that the social media has become prevalent. He said the organizers had brought a young Bonny historian in the person of Mr. Rossphilip Irims, to educate, enlighten and explain certain areas of Bonny history to them, in order to clear doubts and erase all entrenched sentiments and ambiguities.

Mr. Adolf Ransom Pepple specially thanked His Majesty, King Edward Asimini William Dappa Pepple III, Edward I, Perekule XI, Amanyanabo and Natural Ruler of Bonny Kingdom, for his fatherly support and assistance in making the program a reality

“Let me thank His Majesty, our beloved King for supporting us and making this program a huge success. Without His Majesty’s support, we wouldn’t have been able to do something of this magnitude. We thank God we have a father that supports noble ideas and great initiatives,”

He said Bonny Collective comprised of very responsible and committed Bonny men and youths, who are totally loyal to Bonny Kingdom and are desirous of her unity, development and prosperity.

The one-day Historical Tour, which featured about 60 youths representing various Houses of Bonny Kingdom, commenced from Bonny Government School to Perekule Palace, then to the Bonny Consulate Building.

At the Perekule Palace, the anchor, Rossphilip Irims, used the engravings on the wall to explain Bonny’s trajectory as the export point from the era of slave trade to the period of palm oil business to coal and now the time of oil and gas. He said that His Majesty’s vision of diversifying Bonny economy from oil and gas to tourism is justified.

More he said

At the Bonny Consulate Building, Rossphilip Irims said the resuscitation of the Consulate was a clear indication that His Majesty was very serious to drive his vision of making Bonny the Tourism hub of not just Nigeria but Africa. He said when fully operational, the Consulate would take care of a lot of things as well as provide the information any visitor would need concerning Bonny Kingdom.

The Resource Person said it was obvious that His Majesty is a lover of the youths, the reason his agenda and vision are youth-oriented, targeted at making life meaningful for them, and called on the youths to reciprocate by remaining totally loyal to the throne and committed to the success and prosperity of Bonny Kingdom.

While wrapping up the program the leader of Bonny Collective, Adolf Ransom Pepple, expressed deep appreciation to Samuel Benedict Jumbo for providing all the technical support and cooperation the group needed. He described Samuel Benedict Jumbo as lover of His Majesty and the Kingdom, and asked the youths to emulate him.
He equally thanked Mrs. Ila Hart for her support and encouragement.

Mr. Adolf Ransom Pepple praised the participants for their orderly conducts: “I want to thank all the participants for comporting themselves decently throughout the daycation. They have proved that they are Bonny sons and daughters. wherever we are as Bonny people, we are exemplary in behaviour and conduct.”
The leader said Bonny Collective was looking forward to organizing a program of higher magnitude during the festive period.

this article was written by  Victor Fubara Bàñîz

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