Yesterday when my wife returned from work

So yesterday, when my wife returned from work, I ran to the door and welcomed her. I embraced her tightly and kissed her lips. She was very surprised. She stared at me as I led her to the cushion and pulled her shoes from her legs.
I told her to sit down and not move. I ran to the bathroom, got some warm water from the shower, and returned to her, (Yesterday when my wife returned from work)

She was still puzzled

I washed her feet while giving it a quick massage. My wife moaned. It was like a heavy mountain was being lifted off her.
With her eyes closed and her back leaned upon the cushion.
She asked.
“Praises why are you doing this today? What happened? What did you do wrong? Just tell me I am ready to forgive you. I promise I won’t get angry. Did you get a girl pregnant? Did you commit an offense? Why are you this sweet to me today?”
I smiled.
She was already weak and sleepy by the time I had finished.
I dried her legs with a soft towel and lifted her like a baby.
I carried her to the bedroom.
And all she did was chuckle sweetly.
“Praises, you need sex. I know you do. am tired today. had a stressful day, (Yesterday when my wife returned from work)
But for this massage, I could spare some moments with you.”

I smiled

She kissed my lips and I kissed her back.
On her neck.
Her shoulders.
And Her forehead and eyes.
She chuckled.
And when we had gotten to the bedroom I laid her on the bed.
And told her I loved her.
She smiled and slowly her eyes drifted into a peaceful sleep.
And around 10pm, while I was on the bed with my eyes closed, I heard her get up. She walked to the shower and took her bath.
She returned to me and kissed my cheeks.
I could sense she was happy.
And wouldn’t forget that evening in a long time.
Then I realized that sometimes it is just good to be sweet to your spouse for no reason.

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