Romantic Relationship Dynamics

So after my wife and I got married, months later we went to greet my mother. While I was talking with my father in the bedroom, my wife was secretly reporting me to my mother.(Romantic Relationship Dynamics)
She told my mother that I was not as romantic as I used to be when I married her.
“That time mama, Praises will ask me not to wash the plate. He will tell me he will wash it, and I should go and sit down in the bedroom and rest. But now, immediately after eating, he will tell me to wash the plate before going to bed.”
My mother hung her hands on her waist.
“Yes, mama. Even when I used to cook in the house, Praises would come and help me pound pepper. But now, Praises doesn’t even near the kitchen again. He will be in the parlor watching TV and pressing phone while I will be cooking.”
“What else.”
“And I will be in the bedroom lying down, he will be in the parlor watching film. Before he used to follow me everywhere I go o.”
I don’t know what my mother told her. But when we returned that evening, my wife went to carry one kind of net cloth to wear. The cloth was showing her lap and dangling up and down on her buttocks as she walked.
I could no longer understand.
She entered the kitchen to cook that evening and I followed her to see this dress very well.
I didn’t want to tell her or ask any questions concerning the net dress.
I just kept observing.
While in the kitchen she gave me pepper to pound and I helped her to pound it while watching as she moved from gas to cupboard and cupboard to sink and back. My eyes were just fixed on the net.
I stayed there till food was dorn. Then we ate the food in the kitchen on the floor.
That mh wife went to the bedroom to lie down. I went to the parlor and sat to watch TV.
Shortly after my wife emerged wearing basket on her waste. This one was not even covering the buttocks at all.
She said she was looking for something. She walked passed me, bent in front of me to check under the center table, then she stood up and walked past me again to the bedroom.
I was confused.
So I turned off the television and parlor light and went to the bedroom to ask my wife why she was wearing a net when the weather was very cold.
The following morning while I was still sleeping, I heard my wife making a phone call to my mother.
She was laughing and thanking her.
“Mama it worked. Just as you said. He was following me up and down like a goat.”

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