Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs game

This Saturday’s playoff clash between the Chiefs and Dolphins is set to unfold in frigid conditions, with temperatures potentially plummeting to negative 4 degrees, excluding wind chill, at Arrowhead Stadium. For Kansas City fans gearing up for the game, here’s a rundown of what to expect(Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs game).

Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs game

Kansas City is prepared to give the visiting Miami Dolphins a chilly reception as they face off in a historic playoff game. The National Weather Service’s latest forecasts indicate a kickoff temperature of negative-1 degrees, with the wind chill making it feel like a bone-chilling negative-21.

As the game progresses, the mercury is expected to drop further, reaching a bitter negative-4 degrees by the end, with a wind chill of negative-26. Julia Slater, the medical director of the Burnett Burn Center at the University of Kansas Health System, warns of a potential risk of frostbite with only 30 minutes of exposure to these extreme temperatures.

This playoff match is anticipated to break the record for the coldest game ever played at Arrowhead Stadium, surpassing a 1983 Chiefs-Broncos contest with temperatures between 1 and 0.5 degrees. However, it won’t come close to the NFL’s coldest game, the 1967 NFL Championship between the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys, played in negative-13 degree weather with a wind chill of negative-48.

Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs game

Despite the frostbite risk, hypothermia concerns, and the possibility of catching a severe cold, many dedicated Chiefs fans still plan to brave the cold and view the temperatures as a badge of honor. Independence resident Shane Gill expresses the sentiment, saying, “If this ends up being the coldest game on record, it’ll be one for the ages. I want to tell people I was there.”

While tickets for Saturday’s game are available for resale on platforms like StubHub and Ticketmaster for as low as $40, attendance records are not expected to reach new highs. The opportunity to witness a Super Bowl-bound Chiefs team in person, however, is a rare one, and some fans like Hyde Park resident Leanne Breiby see it as a no-brainer to be there as season ticket holders.

Despite health concerns and reluctance from some fans to endure hours in the cold, others like Breiby and her friend Lara Mueting, known as “The Chiefs Wives,” are ready to face the chill. They plan to bundle up, with Breiby even considering wearing two full coats, including a vintage Chiefs starter jacket as a second layer. To combat the cold ground, they’ve learned the trick of bringing cardboard to stand on during the game.

Season ticket holder Will Rusch, aged 30, plans to take the experience a step further by tailgating before the game. Along with around 50 family members, they will gather in their heated bus, fondly named “Tequila Gator,” a family tradition involving layers of warm clothing and full crock pots of food in a repurposed bread truck.

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